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DHCP Server and "Relay" coexistence

Hi Community,


Is it possible to have the Fortigate 100F act as DHCP Server and "Relay" in the same VLAN?

I want Clients to get there IP from the Fortigate but everything else forwarded like an additional IP-Helper.

This is mostly for OS Deployment. I know you can configure DHCP Options but this will limited the capability of deployments to specific architectures and devices.

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rwpatterson wrote:

OK. Thank you for the clarification. Sorry I can't be of more useful assistance. Good luck.


Your welcome. Thank you for helping :)


ad wrote:

I know its not what you're asking, but what's the reason for not having the remote DHCP server supply the IPs so you can run a conventional relay config?

I've been thinking about it and probably have to go with that. I wanted to limit the amount of systems needed.

Thats why I'm asking. I thought about a method using CLI but can't find any documentation about it.


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