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DHCP Pool and expiration question

Supposed the dhcp pool is set to 3 hours in a cafe.

The user connects for 15 minutes and then leave.

Let assume that the dhcp pool runs out of ip addresses to lease.

Will it give out the ip address of this user since he is already offline? 




In this scenario, if the user is  connected for 15 minutes and then left, their IP address would still be associated with their device in the DHCP lease table.

Even if the user is offline, the DHCP server will keep the IP address reserved for the duration of the lease time (3 hours). During this time, no other device can be assigned that specific IP address.

Once the lease time expires (in this case, 3 hours after the initial assignment), the DHCP server will mark the IP address as available and it can be assigned to a new device that requests an IP address.