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FW1 has ISP1 connected to FW2 ISP3FW1 has ISP2 connected to FW2 ISP3.FW1 ISP1 and ISP2 are configured as SDWAN interfaces.Will this design work? SO when FW2 wants to go to FW1, how does it choose to go to FW1?Which one will be given priority?
I want this particular ip range to be added into static route via vpn tunnel. How do I do this?
Let me explain.Users SSL VPN into firewall A.Firewall A send the traffic to firewall B via a site to site vpn.So I have to configure an SSL VPN interface on firewall B to accept the traffic from A.How do I do it?
I have user that can successfully VPN into firewall A.There is site to site vpn established successfully between firewall A and firewall B.User is trying to reach a subnet on firewall B.The traffic was sent from firewall A with a certain number of by...
after they have been named,instead of deleting them and the firewall rules?
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