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Supposed the dhcp pool is set to 3 hours in a cafe.The user connects for 15 minutes and then leave.Let assume that the dhcp pool runs out of ip addresses to lease.Will it give out the ip address of this user since he is already offline?
Meaning he gets the local ip address but he has no internet access.What can be done to resolve this issue?
Assume that I configure firewall without any qos policy, what is the qos default policy like? Does qos implement need license? I have a video server on a lan port and I want to give it priority. How can I do it? Can I give it a static IP and prioriti...
if one of my sdwan links goes down, I want an alert sent to my email or phone.Can this be done?
I have a fortwifi/fortigate 60e.I do a traceroute to the internet from the pc and it stops at the firewall of it actual fact I can ping to the ISP.Firewall policies are normal. (LAN->WAN allowed)So does the firewall block traceroute ...
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