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DHCP Option 43 for Ubiquity APs on a different subnet


  I cannot get the search feature to work on this forum and google thru up a thread from 2018 where xBytez described how to set Option 43 for Ubiquity APs on a different subnet communicate with the Unifi Controller.  So I am just sense checking this and if someone wouldn't mind telling me if I have this the right way around.

  I have my Unifi Controller on and there are a few APs on this subnet which it has discovered and adopted.  I've got a couple more Ubiquity APs on subnet 10.0.2.x which can't been seen at the moment.  They are getting an IP address. 

  Is the solution on the VLAN interface for subnet 10.0.2.x to add option 43 with:

01: suboption 04: length of the payload (4 bytes) 0a00010d: in hex


I'm guessing this gives some extra DHCP info to clients looking for services?

thank you


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Do yo have a firewall policy created to allow devices on 10.0.2.x to talk to the server on