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Customize Captive Portal %%QUESTION%%



I'm translating the login page replacement message on a FortiGate 80F.


How can I modify the "Please enter your username and password to continue" contained into %%QUESTION%% variable.


Ok, I can delete the reference and insert a static text, but I'd like to find out some better solution.



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Hello @JakeBlues,


                   Thank you for using the Community Forum. Could you let me know if you have tried to customize the replacement messages of the FortiGate using the below docs


We hope this document will be helpful. Please us know if you have any further questions.


Thanks and regards,


Hi @Anonymous ,


yes, and it orked perfectly. My question is how to translate %%QUESTION%%.


I see two ways:


  1. Replace it with static text. Fast but it's not the correct way to do that.
  2. Edit %%QUESTION%% somewhere. Where? Is it possible?

Of couse I would like to avoid solution 1 because it's bad practice to hide static strings inside a page, instead of variables.


Any idea?



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Not sure what exact replacement page have QUESTION variable and what it is. But it must be fed or used from/by a script (Javascript?) so you can't change but only remove if you don't want to have it there.



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