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Credental of SSLVPN configuration is wrong (-7200)

After renewing the fortygate subscriptions I got this message. I always have the updates carried out by our automation partner. After this update we could no longer log in via the VPN in our system.

inlog fout.png

Immediately called and consulted with our automation partner. They reported it to the Fortygate helpdesk. It was reported on Thursday and it was not resolved until Monday afternoon.

They put the fault on us that it was the communication with our LDAP server. In short, it was not solved by the Fortygate helpdesk. They left us with the problem.


I sat down that evening with a Tutorial of “how to config a Fortygate whit a LDAP server”.

Worked through this tutorial and found out that it was not our LDAP server but a setting in the Fortygate. Due to the renewal of the license, the user data from the LDAP server in the Fortygate had disappeared. So if you have this error you can look for it in the login details of the LDAP server that are in the Fortygate.


LDAP server.png


I am sorry that the Fortygate helpdesk could not solve this for us and that this malfunction lasted more than 4 days, partly due to the holiday time. Fortunately it was a holiday otherwise the consequences could not be foreseen.


Fortunately, there are many tutorials for configuring the Fortygate with an LDAP server, and I came across a solution through this route.


Too bad I have to give the Fortygate helpdesk 1 star.


Dear Henkie,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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