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Creating a static route with a Virtual server as a gateway

Hi all, I am trying to create a static route with a "Virtual Server" (Load balance - IP) as the gateway.

This doesnt seem to work, i see no traffic going through when i use the "Virtual server" IP.


It works fine however by using the IP of the "Real Servers" that are assigned to the "Virtual IP" instead.


Is there something i am forgetting to configure?

Is this possible?

Any alternatives?

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Never tried this before, but if you ask me, the 'Virtual Server' is on the FGT. It's routing to itself. I know the virtual servers are defined as one of 'N' servers, but that's my take on it. Hopefully someone could prove me wrong. I would think you would need a specialized appliance for that. Other load balancers on the unit handle specific protocols, not the whole spectrum. Load balancing in routers is usually done on the routers with a load balancing protocol. Their hardware is made to route efficiently. I'm sure the FGT would cry when fully loaded between filtering, routing and policy parsing.

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

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