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Crazy fortigate forwarding behavior


One of my computeer with IP got ping timeout to its gateway fortigate firewall internal interface with IP How ever other servers on the subnet like can ping When I did ping capture on the firewall, I can see the following outputs. The replied packets are not going through internal inteface, but from root interface, but I have never created any interface called root. It's so confusing. Anyone has ever seen this crazy behavior before. Any solution to fix this issue? thank you


# diagnose sniffer packet any "host and icmp" 4
5.779616 internal in -> icmp: echo request
5.779668 root out -> icmp: echo reply
5.779678 root in -> icmp: echo reply





The configuration on the device is not understood. Please gather the output of below commands for checking the behavior,


show sys settings

show sys global

show firewall ippool

show firewall vip

show router policy

get router info routing-table all


And you may run debug flow as detailed here Troubleshooting Tip: First steps to troubleshoot c... - Fortinet Community to understand the behavior better.


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Hi Edison,


Thank you for the query!


From the query, I understand you are not able to ping the firewall IP from one specific user machine. 


Could you please confirm if you are seeing route on the Internal interface.


Please share the output of the command:
get router info routing-table details


Also please share the below debugs:


di de reset

di de flow filter addr

di de flow filter proto 1

di de fl sho ip en

di de fl trace start 1000

di de en


Once you run the above commands in firewall cli, please try to ping firewall ip from, once it is finished, please stop the debug using:


di de di

di de reset