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Convert lan ports to wan ports

I have fortigate 110C, now i want to convert 4 lan ports to wan ports as i have 6 Isp' s connection. How would i do it ? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Abbasali, You can do this. LAN ports can be configured as a WAN port
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Thanks Mr. Hidayet for reply, I was just wondering if u can provide my any documentation on how to do it. I will be highly obliged if u can guide me any documentation or provide me any documentation. Thanks in advance.

First of all you have to setup the internal switch (sw1) in interface mode, to split the switch in 8 seperate interfaces. To do this, you have to delete all references to sw1 (policys, dhcp, ipsec tunnels and so on). Now you can configure each port as you want. There is no difference between the internal ports and the wan ports ... " wan1" " port2" and so on are only identifiers ... you could even use your wan ports as internal ports and vice versa ...

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