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Contractor Help Request NSE

Hello all, I apologize if this breaks the rule about solicitation of services or Job postings / wanted ads, if it does please remove it and I'll look elsewhere.

I am in need of remote assistance with a "simple" Meraki to Fortinet Conversion regarding 2x 200F and some remote sites with 40F's. I am struggling with wrapping my head around some of the basics and would love to offer paid remote work to go over things. There's around 16 rules and 5 vpns for the current firewalls. The Cisco's and palo altos I'm use to dealing seem to be easier, well just because I'm use to them. I have Fortimanager Cloud and of course am willing to pay for assistance. Preferably you'd have an NSE but if you know what you're talking about that's not an issue. Thank you all.

You can open a ticket with the fortinet TAC and they can help you understand some of the things.


Siddhanth Poojary

Hello and Welcome to Fortinet! We have abundance of documents available to understand and implement FortiGate configuration.


For concept understanding I would refer going through our Doc site:


And to get professional help in setting up the configuration for your FortiGate you can get service like "FortiCare Professional Services". Can read about below:


To convert your Meraki config converted you can use Forticonvertor Services and they will convert the config which you can directly upload on your FortiGate. To read about the service you can find link below:


And if you have already configured and it's 'Break and fix' or about doubt about particular configuration you can open a ticket with TAC support. Can also look into our Knowledge Base:


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