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Console Not working

I have a FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE.  Its bran new.  I have a RJ-45 to USB Console cord.  I've tested the cord and it works great on my FortiGate 60e.  When I connect it to the switch (I use PUTTY, it doesn't error when I connect), I hit enter and nothing happens.  I reboot it while its connected and I get characters like this "$Y▒▒y▒▒Z▒▒[", instead of any boot messages.  I have already updated its firmware and it's running v6.4.1,build0411,200409 (GA).  I (unfortunately) did not check the console connection before the firmware update.


After updating the firmware through the IP, I tried to set it up as a Managed FortiSwitch.  Ss soon as I setup the FortiLink Interface, it was never heard from again.  I waited for several hours but it never connected to the forigate, I was never assigned an IP from it, through any of it's ports; I couldn't assign an IP to myself and get in through the default IP or through the subnet created from the ForiGate.... or anything I tried.  That is when I tried the console cord and found that nothing happened.


I reverted the config on the my FortiGate but still didn't hear anything from the switch.  I factory reset the swtich (using the button on the front).  It got an IP from the Fortigate, I could connect to the IP using HTTP, and setup the admin password again.  Still no console connection though.


So now I'm here, it works (sort of) until I try to set it up for a Managed Switch.  If I do that, the same thing happens. Either way, there is no Console connection at all.


Does this sound like an RMA issue or am I missing something in my ignorance?


All of my ports on a FortiSwitch are now dead.  Have tried the paper clip factory reset several times.   Still nothing.   Console doesn't work either.   Did you find a solution?


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As it was advised on the thread I'd try the following:

1) Do not have console cable connected to the switch when it boots up

2) Only use console cable that came in the FAP box

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Connect the device’s console port to the management computer using the provided
console cable.
 Start a terminal emulation program on the management computer, select the
COM port, and use the following settings:
Baud Rate: 115200
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow Control: None

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