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Connection only works on Mac not on Windows


i set up a new user account for a new coworker on our fortigate and try to connect with with forticlient on windows 10 with the same IpSec login username and our preshared key that works on other clients .


But i cent connect to the Network. It just says connecting... no percent and after some secounds this messages comes:

Failure Message after Connectiing: "VPN Connection failed please check your configuration, network connection and pre shared key then return to your connection."


The only difference i can tell - on the Mac i have to use a group name otherwise it wont work. On Windows forticlient i cant enter the group name bec. i cant find any group name field in forticlient? Shoudn't it work also on windows the same way without group name, or what should i do?



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This was my first try with standard Settings.(Screenshot)

Just the same settings like on MacOs, username password but without the Group Name cause there is no field. On Mac it works. On Windows Machine not.


Update: Screenshot link on google drive.




I copied the settings from other Windows 10 users that can connect with this settings on forticlient with no problem.

But also here i get no connection on Windows. Do i have to do some specific things on the firewall for windows users?

Forti Client VPN Version-Windows:

V. in a virtual machine

V.6.2.6 on a real Win10 PC


What do i miss here?


Screenshots FortiClient Settings Phase 1

Screenshot FortiClient Settings Phase 2







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