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Connection Error! Connection was terminated unexpectedly. Error - 105

One of our VPN users (MAC OSX) is disconnected frequently.


The message this user receives is "Connection Error! Connection was terminated unexpectedly. Error - 105"


Attached I added a screendump from the FortiGate 60E Log.



Any ideas?



Does it disconnect and then automatically reconnect again or manually reconnect?

Does it always disconnect after specific time or random time?


Can you try running those commands ,and when the mac-os disconnects ,review and attach the output log?


diagnose debug application sslvpn -1 diagnose debug enable




Hello live89,


Thank you for your response,


Had to wait for the users response to the question. 

I checked the 105 error in the Log file, it looks like it automatically reconnected but the connected user told me that the connection was gone and that she had to reconnect manually. The file she was working on was damaged unfortunately.


I will look into the other suggestions asap as they appear. I have instructed the colleague to call me when her connection is lost.



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