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Connecting 2 switches to fortigate 60B

Hi, I would like to connect 2 switches to A Fortigate firewall 60B (Yes I know i' s old ). I see there are several (actually 6) internal RJ45 ports and now it is connected to only one port with one switch. I also see that the port is configured to use the following: Addressing mode - Manual IP/Netmask: What should I configure on the second RJ45 interface so it will work ? Do I need to split the network so one port will use and the second port will use ? Thanks

I guess I will hold this issue. I suppose to buy a new FW, So i will do it then. Any recommendation on FW and types for a small size office 50 users ? Thanks
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OK, for 50 users a 60B might be a little too weak. Right-sizing is part of the magic a Fortinet partner can do for you. It depends on a lot of parameters. And nobody wants to oversize, i.e. overspend. For an office with a couple of VPNs, some AV, 50 users, some Mbit/s WAN link I' d guess an 80C would be enough, maybe a 110C. But this really is crystal ball science.


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