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Comcast AT&T IPV6 / DHCP

I have been asked by upper management to utilize SMB Modem business solutions from AT&T and Comcast for our backup lines at our various sites.


I get everything working with statically assigned IPv4 addresses, however, they do not offer static IPv6 addresses.   However, I was told that I could get an IPv6 address on the WAN2 interface via DHCP.


However, I keep getting /128 IPv6 address on the interface that isn't accessible from the outside world.   After a lot of googling I am no closer on how to update my configuration to work with Comcast and/or AT&T.


Can anyone point me to the correct direction on this?

-DDSkier FCNSA, FCNSP FortiGate 400D, (2) 200D, (12) 100D, (2) 60D

-DDSkier FCNSA, FCNSP FortiGate 400D, (2) 200D, (12) 100D, (2) 60D
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