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Cisco Anyconnect and VPN to Fortigate ?!

Hi !

I have to replace Cisco router with Fortigate. I'm not familiar with Cisco (too much ;-))

Client software (Cisco Anyconnect 4.2) MUST stay at desktops.

As far as I read - this client could work as SSL-VPN client and IPsec Client.

I don't see any IPsec settings. I found that there is xml file to generate to configure Anyconnect as IPsec client.


I don't know Anyconnect at all.

I cannot connect to Fortigate in SSL-VPN (tunel or web-portal) with this client and I didn't find any example of such symbiosis.

I suppose that only IPsec will work in this scenario.


Is anyone configured Cisco Anyconnect to work with Fortigate ?

Can you point me to example (or step-by-step guide) how to steup this ?

How this XML shoud look like ?


Thanks in advance


Dominik Weglarz, IT System Engineer

Dominik Weglarz, IT System Engineer
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