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Cisco ASA conversion help



We are in the process of prepping to move from Cisco ASAs to Fortigate 200Fs.  Currently on the ASAs we use 3 interfaces - Outside (security level 0), Inside (security level 100) and Transit (security level 100).  The transit interface connects into our SD-WAN appliance by velocloud.  


To allow traffic to flow between Inside and Transit interfaces, we had to issue "same-security-traffic permit inter-interface".  


Since I can't get FortiConverter to work on my local PC for the life of me, I was curious if anyone out there had run into this and if it required any additional config like the Cisco's do?  Unfortunately I don't have a test environment for this piece so trying to be prepared as possible for the cutover.


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I'm not aware there is something like a 'security level' associated with interfaces. Interfaces in FortiOS are all treated equally, be it physical, VLAN, IPsec, GRE or SSLVPN. So I would not see any need to take additional precautions regarding this matter.


The main principle of a FGT firewall is 'whitelisting' - anything is forbidden unless you explicitey allow it. Once you create a policy between a pair of interfaces, you enable traffic, regardless of their 'intrinsic' risk potential.


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