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Choosing a Firewall

Dear all,

Can someone please guide me in selecting a firewall for an organization?


Number of users : 400 to 500

Uplinks : 2 (200mbps each)

Downlink : 1 Gbps(Connected to a router, router connected to a switch in stick mode)


Connectivity will be "Two ISP(Active standby/ load sharing) -> one/two 1Gbps connection to router(router in stick mode cisco) ->Switch->clients" 


Major requirements are below

1. Control per-ip bandwidth(allocate 5mbps max for each client IP)

2. Allocate bandwidth per URL/IP outside

3. Limiting email attachment sizes( if possible)

4. Upload blocking for specific file types eg: word, pdf (if possible based on file size and the type)

5. Upload blocking for specific file sizes eg 100MB (if possible)

6. Per IP URL monitoring/blocking

7. Block attacks

8. VPN access for the company staff




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Hi Ravis.
It is recommended that you contact your local agent or Fortinet original factory sales for product selection
best regards.

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Your requirements are pretty high in number of users, SSL Deep Inspection for blocking specific traffic inside HTTPS tunnels, QOS, VPN SSLs. So you are talking about bigger models with heavy price tag (200F and higher). I wouldn't advise you to decide based on anything (including forum posts) except the official pre-sale team from Fortinet distributor/Fortinet themselves. You want to have someone to talk to/blame if the proposed firewall does not meet the actual network needs once deployed. If you decide it yourself, it will be you. 


To have the idea what models do exist, here is the matrix 


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Hi Ravis,


Please contact your Local Fortinet sales representative and he can recommend the product as per your need.



Waqas Arshad