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Checkpoint to FortiGate firewall Migration

Hi guys, i need some advice. we are going to do Migration activity  from Check pint to FortiGate fire wall.  When and How Cabling  is done during Migration. Kindly Suggest 

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Hi @AkshayJ,


Ensure that the FortiGate is properly configured (again FortiConverter Service), with interfaces, VLANs, and routing.


Then I label the cables and Ports on both firewalls to avoid confusion during migration. (Worth it, trust me)


Then disconnect the cables from the Check Point and connect them to the Fortigate ports, following the labels you created. 


After the migration, verify that the FortiGate is functioning correctly and the traffic is flowing as expected.




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Thank you for solution,  I have another question regarding  label the cables and Ports , As I am not much aware about checkpoint how  I can check   which cable  belongs to which port and also where we connect in FortiGate firewall. 


On your Check Point, in expert mode #, run the command below for each interface to let the sepcific network port blink in order to identify the connected cable:

ethtool -p Interface_Name

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Thank you Danny 


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