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Change VPN SSL interface

Hi guys.


I have two Fortinets 80C in cluster. I configured the VPN SSL access some time ago on WAN1, it worked fine. Now I need to move the VPN SSL to WAN2, changed in VPN->SSL->Settings ->Listen on interface from WAN1 to WAN2, port 10443, but neither the client not the web page works. The client stops at 10%. It seems the port 10443 is not listening. Restarted the VPN SSL Daemon to no effect, rebooted both nodes to no effect.


Is something more I have to change?









Hi guys, for anyone interested, I manage to partially solve this. The issue is that if I choose the port 10443 the is no command:


set port 10443


...visible in a backup file, whereas if in the VPN config I choose port 10444, I can find the command and the VPN works ok.


It is not showing in the config file because 10443 is the default port.


You should debug flow the traffic.


You may have 10443 used elsewhere like a VIP.


Grep for it in the whole config:


show full-configuration | grep -f 10443


Nothing shown with that command.





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