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Cannot ping the internal interface of the Fortigate 100D

Good evening all,


I have a configuration that I am not sure why it does not work. 


This is Fortios 6.2.2


I attached the topology.

Static route on FTG is to to to


VLAN90 - with default gateway



ping from Cisco 3750 switch to SVI interface of VLAN 101, has ping reply

ping from Cisco 3750 switch to FTG -, has ping reply

ping from PC1 to PC2, has ping reply

ping from PC2 to PC1, has ping reply

ping to has ping reply

ping from PC2 to internal interface), has no reply

Ping from PC2 to WAN1 also has no reply


It seems the out going routing from different VLAN from VLAN90 will not be able to reach the internal FTG or external FTG WAN interface. 


Do you know why it does not be able to ping? I cannot ping as well. 


PS: the ping has enabled on the interface. 

New Contributor

The issue is resolved I have to engage the Fortigate solution engineer. Basically changed from physical switch vswitch interface to use physical interface directly as I have all the rule and configuration configured. Make sure to reboot the Fortigate after the change (this is the main reason why I configured using different type of interface even through I don't change the mode type, it still have to reboot)




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