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Cannot See FortiGate HA member UP/Down state from FortiAnalyzer

Hi All,


We have FortiGate HA monitored by FortiAnalyzer. In FortiAnalyzer , we cannot see UP/Down status of each FortiGate from HA pairs .The FortiAnalyzer only show connection status down only when both FortiGate from HA cluster down.

We didn't notice when one of the HA members went down from FortiAnalyzer. Last whole week , the secondary FortiGate was down but in FortiAnalyzer , it's still showing UP.

Are there any way we can check from FortiAnalyzer, when one of the member from FortiGate HA pair went down?


Please guide me , thank you so mcuh

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FortiManager is the proper appliance to see this information.


- Fortianalyzer receives logs from the Fortigates, doesn't monitor it.

- but if the Fortigate is sending the HA events to the FAZ, so you have the logs when the sec/primary goes down/up , you can create an event handler and get an email notification of that specific event whenever it occurs

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