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Can't route traffic over SSL VPN on Windows 10

There are some similar threads but here's what we are observing. Computers that are running Windows 10 with Junos Pulse installed that then have the Forticlient installed (5.4 or below) will connect successfully but not be able to ping any remote computers.


I spoke with an engineer at length about this and he confirmed that our SSLVPN was configured correctly and that traffic was moving though the interfaces as expected. To confirm it's a client issue we've gone as far as installing a VM on an affected machine to see if it would work with the same credentials (it did).


Since this is looking more and more like a client issue related to Windows 10 and perhaps Junos Pulse, does anyone have thoughts about what we could do to resolve this? We've already tried numerous uninstalls, reinstalls, etc. with no success.


Thanks in advance.


Similar conflict seems to happen with SonicWall VPN too. Again, with 5.2.4/5.2.5/5.4.0 FortiClient.


Do Fortinet developers check this forum as well? It would be good to know if this has been logged as a bug and that it's being investigated.


yes they are working on it but no solution yet.


Hi, just to let you know that I have the same issue (with Sonicwall) and that I hope a fix or a workaround to have both FortiClient (5.4) and Sonicwall installed on Win10.


I have the same issue with FortiClient and Dell SonicWall on Windows 10, but not on Windows 8.1.


Can connect to VPN but cannot ping anything on the network.


I have the same issue as well. FortiClient works perfectly until the Dell SonicWall is installed on my fresh Windows 10 machine. Dell SonicWall still works, but the FortiClient is now broken. I can connect, but nothing goes through. Hope there is a fix soon. 


We are currently changing our company laptops to versions that only support Windows 10 and have a number of clients and customers, some of whom require Sonicwall Clients and some who require Fortinet Client.  However, we have the same problem, with both installed but only the FortiClient connected there is no traffic moving through the FortiClient connection.  All the routing appears to be correctly in place, similar to a Windows 8.1 installation but is just not working correctly.


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