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Can't open the SSLVPN portal

Dear All, I have a FortiWiFi60C and has upgraded to the latest Firmware as below:







Well, then, When I type [link]https://MyWanIp or[/link] [link]https://MyLanIP[/link]


I can't open the SSLVPN portal and says too long to response 


but [link]https://MyWanIp:4444[/link] is able to access the Fortigate Management page.


Telnet MyWanIp 4444 is ok, but 443 is fail.


I am sure that the Fortigate accesses Wan normally and directly (PPPOE).


Also, I can have an IPSEC-VPN to access Fortigate as All tunnel mode. Please help in this case. 





and welcome to the forums.

Generally, I would advise against using the 'any' interface, in both the SSLVPN setup and the policy. Probably you plan to use the SSLVPN from an external network so the obvious port would be 'wan1'.

If you enable the same SSLVPN portal on both the 'wan1' and 'lan' ports, how is that supposed to work if the client's IP is assigned from the same IP pool? One interface, one portal, one IP pool, and routing will work.(This is not the root cause of the connection timeout but you'll run into this later.)


Then, just to exclude a port error, move the SSLVPN port to, for instance, 10443 and try to connect to "myWANIP:10443". If that does work you've got port 443 used somewhere else.


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Dear ede_pfau, Thanks for your suggestion. I have found the solution: Add the SSLVPN User group to the Firewall policy rule. Thanks.

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