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Can't contact RADIUS server

Hello dears, 

first i created client in FAC then i  go to FG and tried to add the RADUIS server

but when i put the IP of FAC and the secret and i try the connection status this msg appear : Can't contact RADIUS server

i can ping the fortiauthenticator from the fortigate 

i need help to troubleshoting this please 



Take a look at this KB.  You can enable a debug and then test the credentials. This should give you an indication of where the process is failing:


Also check the following on FortiAuthenticator:

- in addition to the RADIUS client, do you have a policy (or a profile, if your FAC is 6.0 or lower)?

- do you allow RADIUS on the FortiAuthenticator's interface (System > Network > Interface)?
- you can run a sniffer on FortiAuthenticator CLI to verify that RADIUS traffic is arriving:
#exe tcpdump -i any -c 1000 port 1812

- if RADIUS is arriving on FortiAuthenticator, and is allowed on the interface, you can check RADIUS debug on FortiAuthenticator GUI: https://<FortiAuthenticator>/debug/radius


Hope this helps!

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