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Can not connect through Point to Point VPN on specific ports/protocols

Hello All:

I am new to Fortigate, and working with a Fortigate 90D Firmware v5.4.5,build1138 

There is a site to site VPN set up on that Fortigate. I can ping a server on both ends from A to B and B to A. Trace route gives me a good path. However when a software agent tries to connect via any of these ports it fails, 8020, 8027, 8383 this is a monitoring and patching application. 

1) What do I need to make this work?

2) What are some good troubleshooting steps for this?



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Did you get something on this as i also wanna know and which protocols you are trying on??? I suggest you to have a read on openvpn and try!!!

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Start from the beginning.

Do you have proper custom services defined?

Do you have policies in place for those services?


Please show an output of what you have defined for those services. From the CLI:

 Gateway # show firewall service custom <service name>


For example:

Gateway # show firewall service custom Custom.proxy config firewall service custom edit "Custom.proxy" set protocol TCP/UDP/SCTP set tcp-portrange 8080:1024-65535 next end

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Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:
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