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Can I load the config from 30E running 6.0.14 onto a new 40F?

Our small office 30E is failing with the symptoms described in this thread.


If I were to replace it with a 40F, can I just load the 30E's saved config file? That would make the choice to stay with a Fortigate easier.


Thank you for any quick advice!



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It doesn't work like this. If you just push the same config you will get hundreds of errors.

You can do it with two methods. Either by using FortiConvertor, or manually.

With FortiConvertor service it will be done by Fortinet.

If you do it manually you need to have some experience with FGT. Globally you can do it this way:

  • Try align the source and target firmware versions, e.g.: put them both at 7.0.13
  • Backup the existing configuration
  • Edit the backup file with a good editor, e.g.: notepad++
  • Adapt the interfaces if needed, since FG models usually have different interfaces 
  • Try remove hardware specific offloading to NPU if any, because usually they are not compatible
  • Either restore the new config to your new FG, or try push section by section. Personally I prefer the second option since it shows you errors, so you can correct and push again 

Keep in mind this can be a lot of work and requires some experience.


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Thank you for the quick reply AEK and suggesting the FortiConvertor service. I will look into it. I'm guessing it's included with support on a new 40F?

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As per my knowledge, the FortiConverter service is provided with enterprise license.

Check page 9 here:

But I guess it can also be ordered separately (edit: a-la-carte).


Hello @terry1  ,


Thank you for contacting the Fortinet Forum portal.

As suggested by AEK you have two options please refer to the below link for more details :




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Hi @terry1 ,

Good day to you. Model 30E is a small model and most of the time having less configuration only.
The easiest way is just to copy the configuration using GUI  browser side by side. It takes some effort but you will enjoy the process.

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hm simply copying the config does never work because the config contains the model. So it will not fit a different model.

However if old and new FGT do share the same interfaces it does work when you replace the model info in the config (1st three lines or so). This works fine from a 100E to a 100F for example.


Unfortunately in your case it will not work because the 40F only hase 3 Ethernet Ports + the "A" Port + one WAN Port while the 30E has 4x Ethernet + WAN. So you would have to modify the config from the 30E to fit the 40E. THen it might work.


Or as suggested above try FortiConverter - but for that you need to purchase a license....


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

You can manually configure it or you can use Forticonverter service but uploading one device config to a different model won't be possible

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