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Cameras are connected. However the video streams can be choppy and laggy 


I have 2 switches and one fortigate 81E 

One switch Switch1 is connected to the Fortigate directly and the other switch Swicth2 is cascaded via fiber cable from Switch1

Every this is ok

but the cameras connected the Switch2  are connected. However the video streams can be choppy and laggy, and the cameras connected to Switch1 are ok.

I did several test using ping, and speediest from both switches and all results are perfect with no drop packets, or any other issues 

for me both switches looks working fine with no issues at all, but not sure why the cameras connected to swatch 2 are streams can be choppy and laggy 


Any ideas if anything need to be done for the camera's setting on the VLAN as an extra ? 




Some IP cameras may generate traffic burst. I would recommend to check CPU usage of FortiGate 81E "get system performance status" and whether any packets are dropped on NP side "diagnose npu np6lite dce 0" once the issue is triggered.


From the descriptions, this is the summary:

Camera connect to Switch1 - OK
Camera connect to Switch2 - Choppy and laggy


This seems everything connect to switch2 does not work as expected.
Regarding VLAN or any extra configuration is depends on your diagram.
Do you have specific VLAN for camera, or you are using flat network?
Flat network - no configuration
VLAn network - need to specify VLAN, trunk or necessary configuration.

I would suggest to discuss with your network team for the network design.