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Bug tracker? Or, how to know if a bug fix is relevant in release notes?

Hello, I found this thread:


from four years ago discussing whether or not there is a bug tracker that is accessible.  I couldn't find one so I have to guess no is still the answer.  That leads to the question, if release notes only tell you the following bugs were fixed, how are you supposed to know if the fixed bugs are actually relevant to your environment, and/or a security concern?  


I'm running 2.5.3 and 2.5.4 just came out.  It fixes seven bugs, identified only by ID number.  Are they critical security issues?  Display issues that I could care less about?  Should I schedule an emergency outage now?  Or never since the bugs don't matter to me?


How does one make the decision with no information?



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Seems like there isn't, this is in a reply from support today, the 22nd of Feb 2023:

"We have a bug tracker site, but you need to contact your distributor/reseller as they have access to the site to view bugs."


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