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Bug in 6.0.6 SSLVPN/LDAP user auth?

Just my findings about this. Someone else might be drowning in the same marsh..


I had serious problems with a client's 600D not honoring the configured LDAP groups for VPN authentication. It turned out that the Fortigate authenticated all users against radius... No radius users are configured. But during the auth sequence, the firewall check for radius config, then tacacs config, then ldap. If it finds a radius server, it proceeds to authenticate the users on that! I am still waiting for the TAC to tell me if this really is the expected behaviour, but I suspect not. It would be impossible to use more then one type of authentication server then. Well, as it is now at least. The solution for me was to remove the radius config - Hey presto! LDAP works, groups are honored!


Or wait, there was a 2nd snafu: LDAPS was configured, all checks were green in gui. But LDAP auth fails with "unsupported protocol" when you do your diag debug on auth...



Richie NSE7
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Just to confirm, I upgraded our FG60E HA cluster to 6.0.6 last night as I mentioned. But RADIUS auth with different servers for admin users and WiFi users still work as expected.

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