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Block bluestacks APP

Dear Everyone!!!!

 How can we block Bluestacks application because this app can avoid or FTG that can use Facebook youtube ....... many app in bluestacks, thus in our app in FTG don't have this app so what's should we do or need to create custom application ? please picture:

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Hola Buntha, si bien es cierto aun no se puede bloquear el bluestack por aplicación, pero lo que si puedes bloquear es todo el acceso dentro de la aplicación, es decir bloquear el playstore, centro de aplicaciones, youtube, facebook, etc.


Para ello tienes que configurar en tu política  por filtro web lo siguiente:

*   (Wildcard/Block)

*  (Wildcard/Block)

*  (Wildcard/Block)


Bloquear por Control de Aplicación.   (block)  (block)




Bloquear la categoría : INSTANT MESSAGING

Bloquear la categoría : Freeware and software Downloads


Con eso podrán ingresar a la aplicación pero no podrán entrar a las redes sociales, es importante que por control de aplicacion este bloqueado el FB y Youtube. o las redes sociales que quieras bloquear, suerte espero te funcione.


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Hello Buntha, although it is true that the bluestack cannot be blocked by application, but what can be blocked is all access within the application, that is to say, block the play store, application center, youtube, facebook, etc.

To do this you have to configure the following in your web filter policy:


* (wildcard / block)

* (wildcard / block)

* (wildcard / block)

Block by Application Control. (block) (block)



Block category: Software and freeware downloads


With that you can enter the application but you cannot enter the social networks, it is important that the FB and Youtube are blocked by application control. or the social networks you want to block, luckily I hope you operate.


You don't need to block it, but can upgrade to Bluestacks 4. works like a charm.


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