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Begginer in Fortigate

Hello! Im new working with Fortigate but I got some knowledge about it. I would like to know if somebody could help me creating a Open Policy for some users. I mean some users like departament managers wants to navigate without filters or controls, I have been trying to create it but it does not work. @enrique20 

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Hi enrique20,


Please provide the details of the policy configuration that you have now. Are you matching the users with user authentication, or source IP?


We got two lines which provides the internet, users are matching by source IP. We got some policies working, one of them is for the internet on the computers, another one is for the servers, also we got a policy for the wifi, we got VLANs to sort out the traffic on the network.


Hi enrique20,

The below link will help with the steps to create a policy in fortigate

If you could provide more details about your requirement that will be helpful

Vishal P
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