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BGP, add ipv6 network error

hi everybody,

I have a Fortigate-100f (v6.4.2 build1723). When I try to add an ipv6 BGP network from GUI I get an "Invalid IPv6 Network Address".

If I use the cli and enter the below commands (IPs and AS are changed) I succeed, but when I return to GUI I can't see the ipv6 network I have added:


config router bgp     set as 55555     config network         edit 1             set prefix         next     end     config network6         edit 2             set prefix6 2000:2000:2000::/48         next     end  end


Could you please help?

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Okay I know that address was a example but this a invalid address as not assigned  ;) 


So on your address the real one did you use a ipv6 calculator ?


IP Subnet Calculator


It could be a bug and you might need to open a ticket with support.



Ken Felix






PCNSE NSE StrongSwan
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Dear Ken thank you for your reply.


The address is from a Mikrotik router which is currently online and working.

I have also checked it with an IPv6 calculator.

It seems like a bug to me. I have opened a support ticket and I'll wait for an answer.


regards, Manolis

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