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Automation Trigger only during certain hours

Hi there. I have a 80F with a link monitor set up on WAN2 port. When there is a drop in the connection, we have an automation stitch and trigger set up to look for the log event "Link Monitor changed state from alive to dead" and then it triggers an email about the status change. Everything works fine about it. However, FCC mandates 12am to 6am local time as maintenance window for ISPs. ISPs frequently send out small firmware updates, or modem reboot commands. I wake up in the morning to a lot of alerts about my connection going down for 1 minute or 2 minutes in the middle of the night that I don't need.


Is there anyway or any command i can use to adjust this to work only outside those overnight hours?


Create a schedule-based automation stitch to issue a CLI command to disable the Link Monitor automation stitch during the hours of your choosing.

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