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Automate Fortigate to connect Fortimanager

I’m planning to setup an environment for the customer, where there are multiple sites and I was thinking that site installation would happen with USB stick, where there is a base configuration and right firmware from where fortigate reboots. Configuration would include fortimanager IP address, so I would only need to authorize remote site fortigate when it is online.

But when I was investigating on the configuration, it is not possible to use fortimanager serialnumber in the configuration file and also when default login password is changed, fortimanager would not be able to authorize the device even it is in the list.

How have you done this kind of setups where there are many site installations happening all the time?


I believe you are talking about Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and the process/setps are explained here -
You may use the batch script as suggested in the article to configure FortiManager serial number.


The FortiManager Serial Number must be configured in the FortiGate to authenticate the incoming FortiGate's FortiManager management request in all of the ZTP scenarios.


In the example below, a batch mode script is used on FortiGate to configure the central management settings and the serial number, because the serial number cannot be set in normal CLI mode.


# exe batch start

# config system central-management

    set type fortimanager                  

    set fmg x.x.x.x       <----- IP address or FQDN of the FortiManager.

    set serial "FMG-Serial-Number"    <----- If the Serial Number is not set, the FortiGate will be unable to authenticate the FortiManager request.



# exe batch end



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