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Authentication issue

Hello Everyone,


1- I am currently experiencing an issue with my FortiGate 500E, running software version 6.4.7. The problem arises intermittently when some users connect to the wireless network, resulting in a complete loss of internet connectivity.

2- Upon reviewing the firewall logs, I observed that affected users are marked as de-authenticated, denoted by an orange user icon, as shown in the attached screenshot.

3- also upon Collector agent Logs, I found that the affected users are not shown as well in the logon users tap in the collector

4- as a workaround to resolve this issue, users are asked to sign out and sign in multiple times, or in some cases, they need to restart their laptops. I am reaching out to seek guidance on addressing this issue and to inquire if others have encountered a similar situation.




Hi @BlueP,


Can you make sure that the user login as a domain user and not local user. Please refer to this article:




Since the logons are missing on Collector agent you need to start investigation from the FSSO CA itself.

Check logs on FSSO CA (make sure level is 'debu')

Is the FSSO Collector agent polling from the domain or receiving logons from DC Agent ? 

If from agent, check also dc agent logs regarding this login. 

If pooling from domain than check the domain logs. 

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