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Antispam solution for Google Email

Hello ,


It's my first post here.


Not sure if this question has been asked before , but I got a query from a customer and i need some advise.


The customer is hosting his emails on google. He has his own domain , let's call it : .


They use outlook to download their emails and are receiving a lot of spams/phishing emails. They would like to have the fortigate (the main gateway at their office) filter all the emails being downloaded by outlook clients. Can this be done? Can the fortigate inspect the content of  IMAP/POP3 (secured or not) emails being hosted on the internet.


I've been told that when they use webmail , they don't receive any spams/phishing emails at all. Not sure if this is correct.


Thank you so much.






The answer is yes. Before we start to implement anti-spam solutions, I suggest you take a quick look at this document.


After a brief review, please give me your network topology, any detailed requirement, so that we could figure out what is the best for your work.




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