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Another Used Fortigate Question

I didn't see anything specific to this question answered.

If you purchase a used fortigate and are unable to transfer ownership (such as the case with a decommissioned firewall) is it 'safe' to use?

I ask because i have two 60D firewalls for personal use, after connecting the firewalls to the internet they show as registered under FortiCare. I saw other posts saying to open a ticket with Fortinet to have it transferred but these units cannot have a ticket open because they've been deemed decommissioned.

I don't really care so much about them being transferred to me, i just want to ensure that with them being registered to someone else that there's not a back door in through FortiCloud or a way to pull/view my configs.

Is there a way to turn off all contact to FortiNet/FortiCloud services?

I saw the command that was introduced in I think 6.2 but these are on 5.6.4. I think firmware was only supported up til 6.0 anyways for the 60D.

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  • It recomanded to buy a licence (ex. BDL) and add the device to your cloud account to be sure of your network
Ridoine Oumoumen

I would definitely open a ticket with customer service to attempt to have them transferred to your support account. You can open a ticket with customer service without a valid contract. (note the contact info for customer service vs. FortiCare Support)