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After upgrade to 5.2.3 "Managed FortiAPs" gui unresponsive in 800c


we have 2 800c units in failover cluster and 160 AP (221c) attached to it. After upgrading from 5.2.2 to 5.2.3, "Managed FortiAPs" ling in web gui become totaly unresponsive. After clicking on a web link, sometimes it wakes up after 4 min and up, and sometimes, even after 30min, not at all.


Tested with different win OSs and Firefox, Chrome, IE browsers, all latest versions


I'm looking for solution or workaround ...




It looks like it could be a known bug in OS 5.2.3. If you open a ticket with TAC to report the issue, PM me, and I'll note the ticket with the bug numbers to help speed the process along.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa


I've had the same problem.

My solution was activate forticloud account on the unit, you don't need to upload anything if you don't want.

The issue is related with forticlud, you can try also killing forticldd process when clicking managed fortiaps and you will see it works.

But just activating forticloud worked for me.


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