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Advice Needed: FortiGate 30E End-of-Life and Software Support

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using a FortiGate 30E, which has an end-of-life support date until 2027-03-31. However, I've discovered that the latest version of FortiOS that supports this hardware is 6.2, and its end of support was on 2023-09-28.

Given this situation, I’m seeking advice on the best course of action to ensure continued security and functionality for my network. Specifically, I would like to know:

  1. Are there any recommended practices or interim solutions for maintaining security on the FortiGate 30E given the end of support for FortiOS 6.2?
  2. Would it be advisable to upgrade to a newer FortiGate model that supports the latest FortiOS versions? If so, which model would be a suitable replacement to what the 30E supports?
  3. Are there any extended support options available for FortiOS 6.2 or third-party solutions that could help bridge the gap until the hardware EOL in 2027?

I appreciate any guidance or recommendations you can provide.

Thank you!


Ensure all security policies and configurations are up to date.  Upgrading to a newer FortiGate model that supports the latest FortiOS versions is advisable for continued security and feature updates. For a better model, I would suggest you get advice from the sales team. Could be something in 60,80 or 100 series. 

Siddhanth Poojary
New Contributor

Thanks for your response. Seeing that there is a 3 year time period between when the Fortigate 30e will reach it's end of support date (2027-03-31), and the latest FortiOS version that is available on this hardware is the version 6.2 (which it's end of support was 2023-09-28).

What will happen in this time frame concerning security patches or any vulnerabilities that may arise?



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