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Active CPU, Memory and Bandwidth Monitoring for Forti Devices

Hello all!

Im curious if anyone has set up monitoring for their Forti devices (Fortigate, Fortiweb, Fortisandbox etc) in a centralized monitoring system. This will include graphing/monitoring CPU, Mem and interface bandwidth. It would also include alerting if thresholds were hit.

Is SNMP monitoring the only practical way? Anyone grabbed this kind of metric data directly from APIs?

Also, it would appear that FortiAnalyzer can graph much of these details, but doesn't have an alerting capability - can anyone confirm my findings on this?

Tweakbox Appvalley
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FortiAnalyzer does have alerting capabilities under Event handlers.  Depending on the version of FAZ you are running, it may be under the FortiSOC section.


There is a prebuilt Event handler that includes resource usage as well as other system events called "Default-NOC-System-Events"


If you are looking for a third-party solution I have used LibreNMS as an snmp monitor and it has all the MiBs built-in with a lot of other capabilities in that system.  You can also tie librenms into oxidized and do automatic configuration backups.




You may consider to create custom Automation Stitches for CPU and memory:


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