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Accessing an Azure site-2-site connected webserver via fortigate


I have a problem with port forwarding on Fortigate to an Azure webserver. The Azure network is connected via a site-2-site VPN and I would like to have it accessible from the internet. I think that the problem is with the VPN tunnel between Fortigate and Azure.

With the servers located on the local subnet I have no problems at all.


Here is how it all works:

Green lines are LAN\VPN connections - all work fine. Black line - connection through WAN - all good

Red line - packets forwarded from internet by forti to azure  - does not work

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Two possible problems I can see

1. site-to-site VPN to Azure network is limited by phase2 selectors. Need to be 0/0<->0/0

2. Azure side doesn't have a default route pointing into the site-to-site VPN to get back to the internet sources.

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