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Access to shared network resources via SSL VPN with non-domain machine

Does anyone have experience establishing access to network shares through an SSL VPN connection on a machine that is not a member of a Windows AD domain?  


If I use a machine that is a member of the domain, everything works fine when I log in with a domain user account.  If I use a machine that is not a member of the domain and I login with a domain account, Windows asks for the username and password again when accessing a network share.  This issue prevents drives from being mapped on this type of machine without user interaction.  It does not matter if the drive mapping is being executed by a login script within the configuration of the FortiClient or if the drive map is executed manually.


Radius and LDAP authentication both have the same problem.

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Have you considered creating a batch file to map the network drives for this user? The domain login and password could be placed in each command performing the drive mapping in the batch file. Place the batch file on the computer desktop, and viola! One click mapping.


Thank you for the idea.  There is a security issue with that approach and it would be a maintenance nightmare with so many users and the password aging process.


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