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About local standalone mode for forti APs


I manage Forti APs with Fortigate.
There is an optional feature called "Local Standalone" in local bridge mode, which I enabled.
Then, I was no longer able to authenticate with the external Radius server.




My assumption was that the access point would be a Radius client, but it seems I was wrong. Do you know in what cases the optional feature called "Local Standalone" is used?


Best regards



The "local standalone" feature in local bridge mode on FortiAPs is used when you want the FortiAP to handle the authentication process locally without relying on an external RADIUS server.
When "local standalone" is enabled, the FortiAP will handle the authentication process internally, which can be useful in scenarios where external RADIUS server connectivity is not available or desired.

Siddhanth Poojary

Thank you for your reply!
I'm having a bit of a problem with a contradiction.

As shown in the image above, when I specify an external RADIUS, the local standalone option appears and I can enable the local standalone option.

However, when I enable the local standalone option, the external RADIUS server connection becomes unavailable and wireless authentication becomes impossible.

I still don't understand the meaning of the local standalone option...


Best regards



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