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AWS fortigate firewall with HA different region how to configure SNMP monitor require to monitor bot

Hi All,

         We are using aws FGT with HA diffrent region. Now we are going to monitor the device via this case is it required to add both region device into snmp or how because if suppose primary down secondary lan ip had different subnet(Wan public ip only elastic ip )how to configure with snmp server.



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To monitor an AWS FortiGate (FGT) device with HA across different regions using SNMP:

  1. Add both the primary and secondary FGT devices to your SNMP server configuration.
  2. Use the LAN IP address of the primary device for SNMP monitoring.
  3. If the secondary device has an Elastic IP assigned to its WAN interface, add that Elastic IP to your SNMP server configuration.
  4. Ensure that your SNMP server can reach the Elastic IP of the secondary device.
Farina Ahmed
Farina Ahmed

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