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ARP Issue on Wireless Clients

Hi Team,


I am in need of some assistance on an issue with wireless clients in my environment (ALL FORTI Devices). 

Clients when roaming from 1 AP to another seems to get disconnected (althought it says connected on their machine) and when checked the ARP entry on their machine it comes up as the broadcast address X.X.X.255 and the mac of  ffff.ffff.ffff. I am not sure why this is happening or even where to start checking on this. Can I please get your guidance on this issue.


Firewall: 7.2.4 (Layer 3)

Switch: 7.2.3

AP - U Model: 7.0 Build 0069 (Engineering release) --> The issue was happening even before upgrading to engineering release to fix a DARRP issue.




DARRP is a feature for radio management, it's not related to the ARP protocol itself.

In the output of the command: arp -a at the end host, it's normal to have an entry for the Broadcast IP/MAC address for the residing network as type static and some other multicast addresses.
In order to communicate to the network, the end host should also include an ARP entry for the IP/MAC of the gateway as type dynamic.

- Emirjon
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