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ADOM Upgrade 5.4 -> 5.6 fails

Hi Community


I try to upgrade our ADOM from 5.4 to 5.6. For some reason, I get an error -2 after around 5% with the meaningful description "Invalid FQDN".

I double checked the FQDN under "Policy & Objects" -> "Object Configurations" -> "Firewall Objects" -> "Addresses" but they seems to be fine. 


What could I do to get rid of this error?


Cheers, Alex


Hi, if in 5.6 you can not use fqdn in firewall policies. check that.

in 5.6 wilcard appears fqdn and fqdn used for ssl inspection





Thanks a lot for you answer.

I'm unable to upgrade our ADOM due to "Invalid FQDN".

The problem is, that the error isn't pointing to any entry or showing me any hint where I have to look at.

I checked the Firewall Objects but can't find any obvious failure in my FQDN addresses.


Cheers, Alex


For more detail on why an ADOM upgrade doesn't work, you can enable the following debug:


diagnose debug enable diagnose debug service cdb 255


You can also review all FQDN address objects and use "Where Used" in FMG to make sure that they are not being referenced directly by any policies in any policy package.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

Of course, the problem is not the FQDN that is wrong, but you must be using it in some policy and when you migrate to 5.6 that does not work. Greetings.

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