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80C - Enabling SSL Inspection?

Hello,   Hey everyone, Currently attempting to enable SSL inspection/MITM on a 80C and it doesn't seem to be working.[ul]
  • I have a single FW rule for the outgoing NAT traffic.
  • I don't see the FGT certificate being presented to hosts browsing HTTPS sites behind the FW. I am seeing the traffic hitting the correct policy.
  • It doesn't have a license. It's just for testing stuff in a lab.
  • Running v5.6.3 build1547 (GA)[/ul]Is the SSL inspection feature behind the paid license? Anything else I could try to properly tshoot this? Let me know if there is anything else I can provide.   thanks iosman   _____________________ videoder online notepad 0x80070490
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    How are you pushing the SSL certificate to your clients?  Have you tried manually installing the certificate on a client and then see if it works?   I push mine through Group Policy for my Windows machines and through Google Admin to my student chromebooks.
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    Without seeing your cfg, it would be hard to determine what the issue(s) are. I wrote this article a few years back on SSL decryption and  Fortios   Follow that and see what could be the issues   Ken Felix