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802.1q tagged link without a native Vlan / Pvid ??

Hello All


Can the Fortiswitch 108E support a 802.1q tagged link without configuring a native Vlan / Pvid  ?

We wish to introduce some Forti108E to the an ISP supplied link.

I need to confirm that the Forti108E will support a 802.1q tagged link without a native Vlan / Pvid being configured on the uplink.

This would be an acceptable Switch to Switch design however it is appearing that the Forti108E requires a native Vlan configured on 802.1q interfaces.


Any info appreciated .





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I know this is an old post, but why is setting a pvid a problem? For vendors where you don't specify the pvid it will be the native vlan, which is usually vlan 1. If you don't want it to be vlan 1 you can create a "dummy" vlan, say vlan 4000, and use that as your pvid. The best practice is to have a matching pvid on both ends.


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