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7.0 Possible bug in Virtual Server

Im having some issues while using a Virtual Server and i think i have tracked it down to a possible bug.

Model:  FortiGate 1101E
Serial: FG10E1TB22900518

Ver: v7.0.6 build0366 (Feature)


Using virtual server for HTTPS to HTTP for a specific host, this host has 8 rules.  luis15pt_0-1662543423352.png

im using a dns name to query the the port, for example 


This will work for aprox a few minutes to a few hours only.


The solution i have found it to reconfigure ANY rule and change ANY thing on them, for example the first rule HTTP (which does not have a firewall policy as you can see it has 0 references) If i change the color of the rule it will "awaken" the rule and the curl will start working again, and after a random amount of time it will stop and ill need to change something else to get it to work again. 


am i missing something in my config or could this be a bug ?

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Hello @luis15pt,
Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.


I would recommend to use debug flow:

This will tell us what is happening with the traffic, if FortiGate really stops doing DNAT.


Hello @luis15pt ,


Please collect the output of the following commands.

diagnose debug reset

diagnose debug flow filter addr <IP>

diagnose debug flow filter port <number> <---optional

diagnose debug console timestamp enable

diagnose debug flow show iprope enable

diagnose  debug flow show function-name enable

diagnose debug flow trace start 1000

diagnose debug enable


After performing the test, you can stop debugging;

diagnose debug disable

diagnose debug reset

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So this issue happened just now and ive setup the logs before i fixed the issue, it seems as soon as the issue is fixed (changed the color of the rule) the logs stop